Wolf WPA 9 mm 115 grn. FMJ 50 rnd/box
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Wolf WPA 9 mm 115 grn. FMJ 50 rnd/box

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Wolf WPA 9 mm 115 grn. FMJ 50 rnd/box

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Wolf WPA Steel Case PolyFormance 9 mm 115 grain FMJ. Made by Barnaul featuring a non-reloadable polymer coated steel case, non-corrosive primer and magnetic FMJ bullet. Wolf ammo is the broadest and most popular Russian made ammo product line. Wolf is the ideal ammo for high volume target practice and range shooting events. You save money with Wolf ammo by reaping substantial savings on the cost of the ammunition you use. This ammo is new production, Russian made by Barnaul, one of the best factories for quality ammo from Russia. Wolf Ammo goes bang every time and shoots straight and you don't have to waste your time picking up brass that you know you are never going to reload. Wolf ammo is one of the lowest cost ammunition options available and a great value. Technical specs: Bullet type, 115 grain FMJ. Muzzle velocity: 1150 fps. Muzzle energy: 338 ft lbs. 1 box of 50 rounds.

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