HPR Hyper 45 Long Colt JHP 250 grn. XTP 50 rnd/box

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HPR Hyper 45 Long Colt JHP 250 grn. XTP 50 rnd/box

Price: $39.99

HPR ammunition is manufactured in Payson, Arizona using the latest equipment and technology to meet SAAMI Specifications. Every stage of ammunition production is carefully and directly handled by highly trained ammunition technicians and quality control inspectors led by their talented engineering staff. All testing is conducted on the finest testing equipment in the world to ensure SAAMI specification are met or exceeded. Each loaded round that is manufactured by HPR has a 1/10 grain of powder drop consistency, is visually hand inspected and chamber gauged, hand packaged and each box is traceable by lot. One of the great things about HPR ammunition is that they strive to use ALL AMERICAN components in their cartridges and even ensure the packaging is 100% American Made. The Hyper Clean line of rifle ammunition is loaded with HPR's HyperClean technology which is a combination of cleaner-burning powders and primers helping to ensure that firearms stay cleaner during extended range sessions. Each round is also loaded with Mil-Spec brass that boasts tremendous accuracy making these rounds great for match shooters and 3-gun competitors. This ammunition is non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. Technical Information: Caliber: 45 Colt (Long Colt), Bullet Weight: 250 Grain, Bullet Style: Hornady XTP, Case Type: Brass. 1 box of 50 rounds.

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