The Gold Dot is the first bonded core pistol bullet ever to hit the market. This particular 9mm +P round was created for the US SECRET SERVICE (hence the SS in the part number) 124 grain JHP according to the Uni-Cor process, which fuses its jacket to its alloyed lead core one molecule at a time. The bullet isn’t just balanced because of this, but also extremely resilient. It retains all of its weight after penetrating clothing and other thick fabric, walls, even a sheet of steel. This keeps the Gold Dot intact for deeper penetration and so it can expand correctly within soft tissue. In bare ballistic gel the Gold Dot consistently expands to 1.7 times its original .355” diameter.

Speer’s nickel plated brass case reduces friction to help a semi-auto cycle more efficiently, and even resists corrosion while it sits in a magazine for an extended period of time. This is +P ammunition. That means it is loaded to create more pressure in the chamber when it is fired, giving it a higher muzzle velocity and resultant energy on impact. Please make certain your handgun is designed to handle that boosted chamber pressure before firing this ammo in it.

Speer Gold Dot LE ammo features nickel brass cases, boxer primed and is non-corrosive.

This is for (1) one box of 50 rounds.

Technical Information: Caliber: 9 MM, Bullet Weight: 124 Grains (+P), Bullet Style: Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point, Case Type: Brass, Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1220 fps, Muzzle Energy: 410 ft. lbs.

Speer GOLD DOT LE 9mm 124 gr. (+P) JHP #Z53617SS 50 rnd/box


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