Acme Exploding Targets offers a conglomeration of products using only the highest grade ingredients and unique packaging. We use only the best ingredients as well as have the best bang for the buck in price and performance. The mission is not only to provide the end user with a top tier product but also superior explosive decibels that out-perform the competition. Used primarily for instant feedback of hitting your targets, the exploding sound is similar to a stick of dynamite. The targets use a two-part mixture that are easy to mix and easy to use….simply mix and shoot. To initiate explosion, rifle target must be struck with a center fire rifle projectile, weighing at least 40 grains and traveling at a minimum of 2200 fps (pistol rounds will not initiate these targets). “Little Boy” is our 10 lb exploding target. Little Boy is designed for the experienced shooter who wants to make his or her own custom load and containers. Extreme care much be used with this product and shot a MINIMUM of 200 yards away and no debris nearby. Seriously! You have been warned. ***Binary explosives are not allowed in California and Maryland***.

This is for one 10 lb. BULK MIX BAG.

Acme 10# LITTLE BOY Exploding Target - BULK BAG


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