Ammo Supply Warehouse is proud to offer SHOOTSTEEL.COM AR550 plates to our ever growing list of vendors offering you a fantastic product. We are happy to offer you some of the best shooting steel in the industry, and now we have it ready to ship to you!!!

This Target package contains everything but the wood 2x4. It consists of 12x20 AR550 3/8" Static Target, SRRT Angled Bracket, and SRRT Base. These are laser cut from 3/8" AR550 and rated up to .308.

SHOOT STEEL Brand short range rifle targets were designed for law enforcement agencies, gun clubs and individuals looking to shoot centerfire rifles closer than 100 yards. Their design uses an AR550 target, an angled mounting bracket and an extra large base for stability. The angle helps prevent much of the pitting common with shooting rifles closer than 100 yards. This pitting can become dangerous as it may send fragments back at the shooter. This allows the target to be used up close and at longer ranges.

The bracket is fully hidden behind the target protecting it from impacts. The bolts are rugged Grade 8, 1/2” carriage bolts. Even though they are Grade 8 they will need to be replaced periodically due to bullet impacts. If you have any questions about the testing that was performed to determine the safety of the target please feel free to contact SHOOTSTEEL.COM directly.

Rated to 223(3000fps MAX MV) and 308(standard 150gr ball) at 50 yards for general use. Closer use may be permitted provided they are used by law enforcement agencies and professionals under close supervision. These targets are NOT TOYS! They are designed for use by trained professionals. Improper use at these ranges can lead to serious harm. If you have any questions about use, please contact us before going to the range.

The purchaser is responsible for ensuring safe use of this product. If the target or components become damaged they MUST be replaced. Contact ShootSteel.com should you need any replacement parts.

Please allow an extra couple of days for these to arrive. They will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep!



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