At Ammo Supply Warehouse, we offer magazines for the most popular guns in America. Whether you need a magazine for your Glock, AR 15, or other guns, we have you covered. We ONLY source factory-branded magazines or products that we KNOW will serve you well at the range or in a firefight.

Handgun Magazines

There are many handgun models out there, which makes finding the exact fit for the ones you own important. Each of the handgun magazines we offer will be a sturdy solution for the handguns you rely on for effective range training and self-defense. With the right magazine for your Glocks, Sigs, CZs, Smith & Wessons, and other handguns, you can safely store and reliably feed ammunition in your gun. No two handgun magazines are the same, so be sure to shop our full selection to find the BEST fit for your gun, usage, and desired capacity.

Rifle Magazines

Rifles are larger and often involve ammunition with higher power potential. Equipping your rifle with the right magazine is essential to keep you in the fight. For your high-power rifles, whether you are using them for hunting or protection, you need a reliable magazine.

Our selection of rifle magazines includes several different models for AK 47s, AR 15s, and other rifles. Every magazine is made from long-lasting materials and is manufactured by industry leaders who understand the importance of having effective ammo storage and feeding technology. Gun magazines are an integral part of an effective gun assembly — shop today to shoot more safely and efficiently!