Defiant Munitions was built out of a necessity to fill a niche. An extreme high quality, high end, no expense spared ammo for those that demand the absolute best. Defiant was developed from the creative mind of Pete Pi, Jr. having over 22 years experience in the ammunition industry. His expertise comes from working in his family’s business in research and development, competitive marksmanship and being an avid hunter. Pete’s experience in Law Enforcement for 14 years also offers a unique perspective to clients of the importance in reliable self-defense rounds.

Defiant Munitions is proud to introduce the TCX -a solid copper X-panding bullet. The TCX line is a much-improved solid copper defensive load than what is on the market today. The solid copper bullet offers 100% weight retention and controlled expansion. Solid Copper also means its barrier blind through auto glass, sheet metal, wood and other hard objects. The rounded nose hollow point design makes the transition from the magazine to the chamber seamlessly. Match accuracy in a defense load? Yup, you get that too!

All of Defiant Munitions™ is put through vigorous quality control and testing procedures. Each round is chamber checked and hand inspected. All of Defiant’s defensive pistol brass is hand cannalured in house to prevent bullet setback that could ruin your day. Our TCX line not only meets, it exceeds FBI gelatin testing protocols in all its calibers.

Defiant Munitions™ is proudly made in the USA along with all of its components.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable nickel plated brass cases.

1 box of 50 rounds.

Technical Information: Caliber: 9mm Luger (+P), Bullet Weight: 115 Grain, Bullet Style: TCX Solid Copper Hollow Point, Case Type: Nickel plated Brass.

Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1275 ft/sec, Muzzle Energy: 415 ft/lbs.

DEFIANT Munitions 9 mm +P 115 gr. TCX9 SOLID COPPER 50 rnd/box


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