A quality magazine is THE most important accessory you can purchase for your rifle. Many of you own AK’s because of their reliability. Why jeopardize its reliability and durability with cheap magazines? Arsenal Circle 10 magazines are inarguably the finest AK magazines in the world-period. They are the ONLY magazine to pass 100% of the military drop tests, 100% of the time. Circle 10 magazines are made from the highest quality polymer, contain steel reinforcements front/back, steel feed lips, and a steel locking lug. Should you drop your loaded rifle or run into something, they WILL NOT break off and leave you with a possibly non-functioning gun.

Circle 10 magazines feed and function perfectly all the time-every time and will fit all mil-spec rifles.

Benefits and Features of Circle 10 Magazines:

  • Steel reinforced feed lips increase strength and durability.
  • Metal front strap protects magazine from bullet points, gives rigidity, and a steel lug for magazine retention.
  • The wear resistant steel lugs are machined to factory specs to guarantee perfect fit and function.
  • The bottom rails are strengthened with a steel insert.
  • Steel floorplate safely secures all moving parts.
  • Our powerful spring is full size with more turns for long life and reliability.
  • Our follower will not tilt in the magazine or cause a jam.
  • The circle 10 keeper is captive and has a spring guide to prevent binding.
  • Circle 10 magazines are machined on four sides for a perfect fit.
Fits: Kalashnikov pattern rifles (NATO AK), Caliber: 5.56mm, Capacity: 30-Round, Body Material: polymer, follower: polymer, Spring: Stainless Steel, Floor plate: metal, Removable.

This is for (1) 30 round CIRCLE 10 ARSENAL BLACK NATO 556 AK magazine.

CIRCLE 10 BULGARIAN NATO AK 556 Magazine #M-74N 30 rnd. BLACK


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