Competition Shotshells from B&P!!!

Innovation driven by a passion for competitive clay shooting is at the heart of B&P's success. You will find that spirit built into every product they make. Their extensive line, including F2 Mach, Competition One, Helice, and Pigeon, demonstrates our commitment to propelling your clay shooting capabilities to limitless possibilities. This isn't just a product line but a lifelong dedication to a way of life that extends from their beginnings in 1885 to today and years to come!

The B&P Competition One Steel will help you get the lead out! This clay shooting cartridge with steel shot is for those shooting ranges where the use of lead is prohibited. With considerably higher velocities than our lead Competition One line, they were designed to help increase the dynamic load of each shot for greater clay-breaking power. This product also utilizes the Gordon Technology with a unique double shock absorber designed to minimize felt recoil. This equates to an environmentally friendly option, with increased comfort, less hesitation, and a faster second shot. Feel the B&P difference!

1 case of 250 rounds (10 boxes of 25 rounds).

Technical Information: Gauge/Bore: 12: Shell Length: 2 3/4": Shot Weight: 1 oz: Shot Size: #8 Shot Type: Steel.

Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1375 ft/sec, Muzzle Energy: n/a ft/lbs.

B&P COMPETITION STEEL ONE 12 ga #8 1 oz. 12B1GCP8 250 rnd/case


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